Agents Module

Agents are the travel agent stores that you sell trips to. This is if you are a travel wholesaler. The agents are arranged in a hierarchy of any number of levels. You could have a three level structure (parent group/brand/agency), or a single level of just the store.

Agents will have consultants who represent the people who actually work in the agencies (the stores).

You will be able to assign a sales representative to the agency at the parent/brand/agency level, as well as by agent area code. Sales Representative (also referred to as BDM) to have budgets for their territory. This might be driven by the user module details.

Commission for the agencies is done on a hierarchy. It can be assigned to the brochure that the product is assigned to, or it can be to anywhere in the hierarchy. The commission is assigned on a product by product basis (so you can have any number of commission combinations. You can have the commission determined by booking date, agent group, product, etc. Commission can be a fixed amount or it can be a percentage amount.

Tax paid on agent commission must be tracked. The tax on commission should be different for each of the partitions (as each partition/brand could be in different countries).

The commission should be able to be partitioned. The commission should be able to defined for all partitions, or overridden for specific partitions.

More specifically the following information about the agent must be stored:

  • Commission to be defined per principal type.
  • Commission to be by product type
  • Commission has a type
  • Commission defaults to brochure if agent commission is not specified.
  • Commission to be determined by booking dates and travel dates.
  • Commission to be specified per partition.
  • Agents Commission can be allocated at time of booking or reimbursed after booking paid in full (ie, Agent is invoiced at gross and pays gross).
  • Be able to attach enquiry to agent
  • Be able to attach quote to agent
  • Be able to attach booking to agent
  • Be able to attach notes to agent
  • be able to handle fake payment types like promise to pay and guaranteed payments to allow booking flow to continue.
  • Agents can have consultants who are the contacts in the agency.
  • Be able to store contracts and overrides
  • Be able to store a code for the agency
  • Be able to store multiple license numbers against the agency
  • Be able to store the VAT Code against the agency
  • Be able to track and store tax on commission
  • Assign an internal sales agent to an agent (through a link to the users)
  • Assign area codes to an agency
  • Be able to store address (including dx number), contact details, web site, branding details (for white label in the future), fax, email, phone.
  • Be able to identify duplicate records.
  • Be able to merge records together.
  • Be able to copy agent records.

For the partitioning, the users will be granted access to the agents which allows them to view information and quotes/bookings for that agent or not.

Perhaps there should be a sliding commission scale for booking with discount or other things.