The Butr (Butr Universal Travel Reservations) system uses bleeding edge technologies to provide an easy to use and powerful system to power travel companies. The project is a brand new reservation system for the travel industry. It will be loosely based on the existing “WinTrav” reservation system, but will be designed to be cutting edge and leading the pack in terms of features and availability.

This document describes the functional specifications for the system. It will grow over time, as each section is expanded and further refined. Additionally, this document will act as a shopping list for the development of the system.

This document is broken down into sections which are logical an easy to follow.

Butr is an free and open source system. It is licensed under the AGPL3 license. You can read more about the license here:

Target Market

The target market for Butr is everyone! More specifically the target market is travel wholesalers (both inbound and outbound), and travel agencies. These two groups have differing requirements and the design of the system must cater for both in a non-destructive way.