Client/Prospect Module

This module contains the information about the people and the logical groups of people that the travel company has contact with. These are the “direct” passengers or clients. This is both for travelling history as well as enquiry history.

There should be the ability to easily merge duplicate client records. This could be done automatically like Gmail does it, or it can be manual where you select records to merge (sort of like merging conflicts in Git).

There should be contact details, medical details, passport details, that are stored.

All passengers will be linked to a Client or Prospect record so that proper tracing of travelling history can be performed.

The Client/Prospect module will inevitably become a mini-CRM and will then bring in all sorts of other requirements. eg tracking phone enquiries, hence linking to the phone system and being able to filter travel/booking enquiries from other calls.

More specifically the client or prospect will have the following features:

  • Be able to capture enquiry details against client/prospect
  • Be able to capture quote against client/prospect
  • Be able to assign a client/prospect as a lead client in a booking
  • Be able to link a passenger to a client/prospect
  • Be able to check for duplicates with overridable duplicate rules
  • Be able to match client/prospect records
  • Be able to merge client/prospect records when duplicates are located.
  • Be able to capture brochure requests against client/prospects.
  • Be able to assign multiple occupations to a client/prospect.
  • Be able to store multiple passport details for each client/prospect
  • Be able to store multiple visa details for each client prospect (under passport section)
  • Be able to store emergency contact details
  • Be able to store alternate contact details
  • Capture city of birth, address details (including dx number), contact details, alternate address details, alternate contact details, medical details, height and weight.
  • Be able to store notes against the client/prospect.
  • Be able to copy the client record.
  • Be able to search for prospect by birthday.