Currency Module

The Currency Module will be used to store and manage all the currencies and exchange rates used in the system. It will have the ability to store both “hedged” exchange rates and “real” exchange rates. The exchange rates will be different in each partition.

The system will be able to store multiple base currencies (keep track of both AUD and GBP for example). There will be one base system currency and this will be the one that the exchange rates are loaded in relation to.

There eventually will be some sort of download of daily currency rates (or as frequent as you like like), but initially it will be manually set.

It's hoped that there will be no need to do any triangulation of exchange rates to get it into the base system rates.

There will be a hierarchy of the hedged exchange rates. These will be done by brochure, then by selling period. This will be finalised when the module is being developed. This is mainly a reporting function rather than a system operational function.

The currency hedged rates should be controlled per partition, or it should be available across all partitions.

There should be the facility to alter the exchange rates on certain transactions to adjust for post-dated entries.