Presentation Layer

The presentation layer is what is presented to the end user. There are going to be at least two, with an optional third:

  • PHP – This is a PHP based HTML5 web application.
  • Android – This will be a honeycomb or higher targeted application, tailored for tablet form factor.
  • IOS – This might be a iOS application targetting iPad.

The first persentation layer developed will be the PHP version. This will output HTML5 and will use jQuery for the Javascript low level library, and Moderizr for sniffing browser features.

The PHP version should be 5.3 (or perhaps 5.4 if it has been released). It will heavily use objects. The PHP will be hosted by an Apache web server. It's also possible to host this on other web servers, but Apache will be the preferred platform.

All presentation will be controlled by CSS3 and there will be no table tags.

The presentation layer will be professionally designed to give it a polished finish and a good user experience. This will be handled by a third party.