Principal Module

The principals are the ground operators or principal supplier or provider of a product. This module should contain the contain the contact details, as well as the agreements and overrides that have been made.

There should be staff contact details, and other details which will be defined as time progresses. The contacts should have a time zone/location to make it easy to identify when they are contactable. This is derived from the principal module.

The payment timing should also be stored here, or perhaps in the configuration module.

For the partitioning there should be a way of identifying alternate contact details for sending requests and other documentation. There may even also be different payment details which might need to be stored.

The Principal module will also have links to the location module so that Principals can be categorised/searched on based on the locations they provide products for. The extension, the products that are provided by a Principal also define the locations that the principal provides services for.

More specifically the following details should be included for the principal module:

  • Principals are in a two level hierarchy, and you have the ability to redirect all billing to the top level.
  • Store contact details on the principal (this is staff at the principal) – this is partitioned
  • Principal Address Details (including dx number)
  • Store notes about the principal.
  • Store bank details about the principal.
  • Store bank account details about the principal. You can have many each with a different currency.
  • Be able to copy a principal record.
  • Be able to identify duplicate principals.
  • Be able to merge principal records.
  • Be able to store Content Management System type information for web sites.
  • Be able to classify principals by region.
  • Store the preferred method of contact for reservations.
  • Should be able to store content management system info about the principal.

The principal is the link to the products which store information about the product and pricing details.