Quote Module

The quote module takes the trip and then puts it into a quote framework. This is essentially the trip on a specific date, but it does not take any block allocation but allows you to map passengers to the components of the trip/package. You would also be able to add additional products to the quote.

This would be used for quoting to agents or prospects. It will also be used for storing information about wait lists.

The quote module does not need to have a trip in it. You can have as many trips as you like in a quote or booking.

The quote module is really a light-weight version of the booking module. Specifically the quote module should have the following features:

  • Be able to link the quote to a prospect.
  • Be able to the link the quote to an agent.
  • Be able to link the quote to an agent consultant.
  • Be able to change the owner of the quote (the user)
  • Be able have a list of passengers which are linked to prospects.
  • Be able to map the passengers to products and trips on the quote.
  • Be able to add and remove trips to the quote (as many as you like)
  • Be able to add and remove products to the quote (as many as you like)
  • Be able to generate and store pricing (pro forma accounts). This is used for quoting purposes. These accounts will not be used for the financial accounts module below.
  • Be able to copy a quote.
  • Be able to cancel a quote.
  • Be able to convert a quote to a booking (as an option).
  • Be able to send quotation document for the quote.
  • Be able to store notes against the quote.
  • Quotes do not take any block allocation, but do take places on trips.
  • There should be a quote source, this should be inherited from the enquiry source, but can be overwritten.
  • Quotes should have an expiry date after which the quote is cancelled.
  • There should be a “continuity check” for the booking to ensure there are no gaps. The user can then be prompted to ask how they would like this to be handled by the system – for instance they might want “own arrangements” inserted automatically, or it could be a reminder to make sure they have got the whole quote loaded.

There should be a costing calculator to try and help with the pricing of the quote. There should be rounding tools, extra cost (free places, tour leader costs) which is taken into account when suggesting a sell price.

Quotes should automatically derive the starting location and finishing location. These can be overridden if required.

There should be the option to have bulk editing of departures for pricing.

Documents will be stored using the documentation module. There should be notes in the quote which can appear in the documentation. These can be re-used, or used only a few times based on an active/inactive flag.