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PHP Coding Style

I also like the proposed coding standards found here:

With the exception of tabs - we will be using 2 spaces instead of 4.

Need to consider linting as well:

Universally Unique Identifiers

The Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) is used for external references for the data in the Butr system.

These are stored in the database as BINARY(16) fields. There are two functions that convert between the CHAR(36) representation of the UUID and the BINARY(16) representation. These functions are called f_UuidToBin() and f_BinToUuid(). They were taken from the following URL: The functions f_ShaToBin and f_BinToSha are inspired from the same source.

Coding Style

The development of the Butr system follows coding styles which are established for each of the programming languages used. These are discussed below:

Shopping List

The following is an approximation of the order for completing the different parts of the Butr system.

  • Framework
  • Security Module
  • User Module - basics only, enough to support logins and security.
  • Configuration Module - basics only, and will be added to as more modules are added to the system.

It is hoped that the above will be completed by January 2012.